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Tips for Dining Out

Whenever I meet with the Chairperson of Governor’s Fitness Council to discuss the Board’s yearly activities, she always lectures me about good eating habits and physical activity as if I just came on the scene the day before. The more she rambles on and on, at the end of the day she tells me: “It’s the mother in me.” Well, mother hen raked me over the coals last week about my eating habits when I dine out. Boy, she chewed me out good and told me I better show some improvement! So, if I must suffer through these lectures so should you. Here’s her breakdown.

Do not abandon good eating habits if you are “on the run” and must have fast food. There are some on the market that can actually satisfy your nutritional needs without that tremendous overload of FAT and sodium. Fast foods may not make ideal meals, but some do offer healthy carbohydrates and only moderate amounts of FAT. You also can downplay FAT excess by sorting out subtle differences among them. Consider these points the next time you are grabbing breakfast on the run...

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Medical Loans: A Guide to Financing Your Health

Medical emergencies can be financially as well as physically and emotionally traumatic. The high expense of healthcare in the United States can leave even insured people with large bills. This is where medical loans come in, potentially providing a lifeline for unexpected or expensive medical bills.

What Are Medical Loans?
Medical loans are a type of personal loan specifically designed to cover medical expenses. Unlike secured loans such as home equity loans, they do not require any collateral for qualification. This makes medical loans more easily accessible, although it's worth noting that they may come with higher interest rates...

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